Mediation Basics

Mediation Basics

Mediation is a unique process, but all it boils down to is negotiation in the presence of an impartial expert that helps the parties find common ground & structure an agreement. The most important factor for Mediation is the parties willingness to fully participate in the process. The second most important component is the mediator.

What to Look for In a Mediator

Regardless of whether you mediate in Chicago or Dupage, and regardless of the issue: prenuptial agreement, divorce, custody, support, property division, you need someone that is well trained and  experienced, but also engaged  and responsive.

The mediator cannot make you wait for weeks for a session if you are both willing to mediate now, and if you’re mediating over e-mail or Zoom, the mediator cannot wait for 3 days to respond.

Of course, the response must be informative and for that, the mediator must be informed as to the the issues. He or she must listen to learn the facts, but also know how previous cases like yours have been decided by the courts. It does not mean that the mediator needs to use this knowledge to brow beat a party that is “barking up the wrong tree,” but if one of the parties takes a position that is countervailing to all legal standards, knowing those standards is certainly helpful.

The use of knowledge and the tenor of the response and intervention during a mediation session is informed by training & experience. A mediator should have formal training in negotiation and mediation, specifically having completed a mediation course. The skills learned have to be honed, so that the mediator knows how to deal with different people in varying states of mind. Some people need to be drawn out, and others listened to more. This comes with time, experience  and well … age. Practice is important too, and it is best to have a mediator that has mediated conflicts, but also negotiated and litigated them, whether at the Daley Center or DuPage County Courthouse or other jurisdiction.

An Experienced, Patient and Affordable Mediator

I work to accommodate your particular situation, in large measure because I believe that mediation can work for you, and at the very least, you owe it to yourself & your family to try mediation. Please note that while I can answer general questions about the process, I cannot discuss case facts with only one of the parties without the other party’s presence or consent. Please use the contact form to the left, or, have each party complete my Mediation Questionnaire here .